*today was a really good day*

I say this title in the most sarcastic manner because on the surface, today was horrible. If someone were to have watched me from sunrise to sunset they would be disappointed, as I was, until I began to think. When you’re a fixer and a fighter, it’s hard to acknowledge small victories especially on days […]


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Breathing out and letting go

I’ve come to a point where I don’t know what to do but write. I’ve felt this overwhelming sense of loss this year and it’s overshadowed the gains I have made professionally and spiritually. I lost my virginity, and with that I lost the little self-esteem I had as well. It would be unfair to […]

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Reunited with my angel of music

I’ve spent most of my adolescent life trying to remember suppressed memories of my childhood. This has often been a painful process because I have a hard time remembering the good and the bad. The bad is a little bit easier to remember because I’m naturally more of a pessimist, but one blissful detail of […]

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Inhale. Hold. Release.

Rummaging through my creative portfolio from last semester and I realize how much one really can change in a matter of months, even weeks. If you haven’t noticed already, my posts from last year are still here I simply changed the look of the site, the url, and the title. The old site didn’t represent […]

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