The other day, someone called me an artist. I am labeled an artist because of my melancholic temperament and the way in which I examine life and its wonders. The reason this comment stuck with me is because I wrote a poem about a month ago about why I think I fail as an artist. […]


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Memories, Where’d You Go?

We go through life being told stories about our childhood and all the moments that led up to our conception. These are the accounts of other humans and their perception of it all, which is often different from our memory of the moment. Imagine growing up, being unable to remember your childhood and after years […]

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Don’t say a word

Tonight, I was forced to set my pride aside and do something that I have refused to do since I was in high school. Ask my parents for monetary help. Well, I did not directly ask them. My younger sister, out of her love for me, told my mother that all I had been eating […]

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Bury It

It is the last night of 2015, and I am in a hotel room listening to Halsey. At first, I thought that writing a blog for New Year’s Eve was necessary, but my thinking was at a balk so I dismissed the idea. I was pressed by my mom, but still unable to think of […]

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Hallows Babe

Nineteen years old. This week was similar to birthday weeks of the past. Marked by tears, sadness, emotional breakdowns and lack of motivation but something different happened today. Yes, I cried today too but after a change in perspective I turned that sadness into laughter and things worked out okay. My friends from high school, […]

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Big Fur Coat

Depression, anxiety; bipolar disorder. I do not remember much of my childhood, so I cannot account for the feelings I experienced then. I can account for what I went through during my preteenage years and I guess you could say that it’s enough pain for a lifetime. Over the past year, I have been meaning […]

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Almost Perfect

The moment you realize that you are somewhat of a perfectionist can be one of the most enthralling moments in one’s life. Last week was marked by midterm exams and I was successful in not getting stressed out about it. Throughout the week, I kept my sanity but over the weekend is when my patience […]

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Stressed Out

Sorry in advance for such a morbid first post. It’s the second day of my second year of college. I am pursuing what I think to be the major that I love. I have a support system of friends but I feel like a burden often times. I keep saying that I am going to […]

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