Inhale. Hold. Release.

Rummaging through my creative portfolio from last semester and I realize how much one really can change in a matter of months, even weeks.

If you haven’t noticed already, my posts from last year are still here I simply changed the look of the site, the url, and the title. The old site didn’t represent who I am now and I feel like as I change, my creative platform should reflect that change.

I chose the url “” for many reasons:

  1. Simply as a reminder to breathe. My anxiety has significantly increased over the last few years and one thing I have to remind myself to do when I’m on the verge of anxiety attacks is to breathe. Even when it seems hard to do, I have to breathe in order to help myself focus on getting through the attack. Breathing is also a day to day reminder that we are alive and in being more aware of our breathing we are, in a way, becoming more aware of our lives and what we choose to do with them.
  2. “Inhale, hold, release” are the first three words on a song called ‘Oxygen’ by Tonight Alive, an Australian band that I’ve followed since high school. Their lead singer,  Jenna McDougall is one of my role models for the way she has chosen to approach life throughout the various life cycles the public has been able to witness due to the visibility her music has brought about. She battles with a serious case of excema that reached to a point of paralysis in 2013, which led her to cutting grains out of her diet and, eventually, veganism. Her recent spiritual awakening, as a result of tuning in and listening to what her body needs, has significantly inspired her music and myself. I’ve seen her perform live, and the energy she gives off is freeing. Her never ending journey towards inner peace and emotional freedom gives me contentment in my difficulties on this journey.
  3. These words also represent my recent decision to let go of unhealthy habits and activities that (I thought) once helped me run away from the voices in my head and my inner demons. I’ve realized that there is no running. I must embrace and overcome those voices in order to truly reach my short and long-term goals as well as my over arching goal of inner peace and emotional freedom.
  4. Lastly, each word represents steps I take daily to rid myself of bad vibrations and toxic energy:

inhale – take in all of the energy around you. No discrimination. Realize you can learn from the good and the bad.

hold – sort through the good and the bad, taking note of what you need in your current stage of life and what you’re better without.

release – let go go all the bad energy that will only hold you back from realizing your full potential and interfere with this journey of yours. Let go of the past, the present and the future. This sounds crazy, but holding onto time will only cause worry and worry directly interferes with your inner balance and inner peace.

Choose to take in a deep breathe today with the intent of becoming more aware of your energy, what your mind and body need, what you can live without. Become more aware of who you are in this moment and what you need to let go of in order to become who you want to be.

Don’t restrain yourself to time… Don’t restrain yourself, period. Let this journey take its course and simply remain prepared for shocking new developments in your life as you choose to embark on this journey towards inner peace and emotional freedom.


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