Suicide Squad: A Review

Let’s just dive right into this. ***SPOILERS***

      1. The Joker: They did Jared Leto dirty. Jared Leto, is an underrated actor. Due to his involvement in music, he is not in as many movies as I would like. But, he is still well known and to give such a well known name the role as one of the most important and most well known characters in the DC universe 5 minutes of screen time is out right disrespectful. Leading up to the film we were egged on with articles about how much work he put into completely embodying his character, the Joker. We were told that he would send the rest of the cast creepy gifts, and Will Smith even said, “he’s never met the real Jared Leto.” All of that effort for a dispersed cameo?

Despite the lack of his appearance throughout the movie, he still did a great job at portraying the character. Side note: too many awkward sound effects. He did more heavy breathing than actual recitation of lines (oh wait, Will Smith probably stole those too).

2. Enchantress and her brother, Incubus: DC is already known and somewhat criticized for how dark their universe/characters are. Most people complain that DC just “isn’t relatable” and that’s why they prefer Marvel *lowkey rolls eyes*. First off, Enchantress’ origin clip is nothing like that of the comics. It was clever…ish to make her the villain (not really). I feel like it was awkward for us to watch soldiers fighting an evil spirit from thousands of years ago because that just doesn’t happen ever. Also, most of the members of Suicide Squad (with the exception of Diablo and Killer Croc) are just crooks with specific weapons, no actual super powers. So we are presented with a group of normal people, some villains and some soldiers attempting to defeat a WITCH.. okay, David Ayer. Also, what was up with the clouds surrounding her and that god awful dance she was doing while trying to lure the Squad in?

3. The ball of dark clouds and colorful lighting coming out of the ground and spreading across our world to destroy it:  is there anymore to be said about this besides can we find another way to destroy our earth? The amount of movies that have included this infamous cloud in their “destruction of the world” narrative is becoming exhausting. Do I hear a Transformers? an Avengers? Independence Day? Hmmm.

4. Will Smith’s ‘Pursuit of Happiness Pt. 2: featuring the daughter we never knew about’: We know that Will Smith is one of the most popular actors of our time, and he’s a pretty good one at that. Does that mean we give him ALL OF THE LINES IN THE MOVIE? Hell no. As I write this portion I think specifically of the bar scene towards the end of the movie. Smith’s monologue is used to express the feelings of everyone in the group and it’s just plain boring. We could have split those lines up and shared it between three people. Variety, please. The elevation of Deadshot’s character devalue’s the importance of every other member of Suicide Squad. Yes, he is a valuable character in the comics, but he is not the only member of the Squad. He made important members of the squad seem like supporting characters when that does not represent the dynamic of Suicide Squad at all.

5. Backstories: Why did we have to wait until the last 20 minutes of the movie to hear Diablo’s story? Why was Slipknot even spoken about if we were just going to kill him off in the first 5 minutes of the pre-fight? What was up with the font and placement of the descriptions for all the other characters that were highlighted at the beginning? I think we all noticed the complete shift in color scheme for the movie after BvS was released and got so much hate for how “dark” the cinematography was (in regards to coloration). David Ayer definitely went overboard with the colors, I have to say. I loved the intro to the movie and all the colors and things going on there. BUT then we have this overabundant splash of colors in the character bios that resembles the way we all edited our Facebook photos in middle school (I know ya’ll remember that). Then the rest of the movie is just DARK DARK DARK in this uninhabited downtown area. Was I the only one that noticed that their was no evacuation of the fighting scene area? There were people at the subway station when Incubus first appears and then that’s it. Did he kill everyone? Did enchantress turn everyone into those nasty creatures for her army? So many questions, no answers.

6. Harley Quinn and Joker’s toxic love story: Overall, both Margot Robbie and Jared Leto did a spectacular job at portraying their characters and had great chemistry at that. But I already feel the arise of the romanticization of their extremely toxic relationship. That’s really all to be said about that.

7. The Soundtrack: Love it. I do wish they would have used Brendon Urie’s version of Bohemian Rhapsody in the actual movie instead of Queen’s. Don’t get me wrong I love Queen, but why not have the one made for the movie in the movie? The only thing I didn’t like was the amount of songs featured in the movie that are not on the soundtrack. This is normal, but I feel as though they flooded us with too many popular songs. It became distracting. As the Squad was gearing up for their battle against the Enchantress all I could think of was Slim Shady. Maybe it’s just my ADHD, but I needed a few less popular songs (perhaps instrumentals?).

8. The Humor: A lot of it was painful to sit through. I wish I had counted how many times I sighed. A lot of the people in the theatre laughed, but I feel as though they went through a lot of bodily toil to produce that laughter. I do commend DC for trying humor, and I believe they have the potential to master it. Let’s not forget how long it took Marvel to find their balance between suffocating us with humor and producing a good story.

9.  The End Credit Scene: Oh Bruce Wayne… Thank you for gracing us with your oh so demanded appearance! Not really. I understand all the gearing up for the Justice League movie, but that end credit scene did NOTHING for the viewer in further preparing us for Justice League. We know from BvS that Batman has the electronic files that will lead him to the different members of Justice League. We’ve seen the trailer for Justice League that yet again shows Batman recruiting the members of the Justice League. What I don’t understand is why they featured Flash as being the one to capture Captain Boomerang at the beginning of the movie when the end scene makes it seem like Bruce Wayne is still searching? Oh the confusion. So good to be reassured that Bruce Wayne really is looking for the members of the Justice League because boy did I have my doubts…

Final thoughts: I rate this movie a 7/10 because although I was upset it wasn’t terrible. It contained way less plot holes than BvS. On the downside, it looked like it was filmed by amateurs. It’s 2016, and I feel like I was taken back to 2008 with the terrible cgi and lack of good camera footage.

DC, I ask that you quit trying to keep up with Marvel and take the time to develop your characters. Release some origin movies. You have more complex (especially psychologically) characters than Marvel. The stories have already been written, so use that to your advantage.

I do believe Wonder Woman has the possibility to be DC’s saving grace.

If we see that David Ayer and Zack Snyder are not doing much good for us, maybe it’s time to change directors? After Marvel changed directors for Captain America: Civil War, we were finally exposed to what a good comic book movie and movie in general should look like.

At the end of the day, it is not a matter of DC being better or Marvel being better. It’s your personal preference and they both have their strengths in different outlets of entertainment. DC’s strength is in video games, movie scores, and animated series. Marvel’s strength is in movies (not even to say that all of their movies are that great, to be honest i.e. Thor, Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron).

Of course, I have enjoyed seeing my favorite comic books on the big screen, but I am kind of growing tired of it all. I don’t remember the last time I saw a good movie that wasn’t based off a comic. Give me something new.

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6 thoughts on “Suicide Squad: A Review

  1. Well said. I was disappointed by how cheesy and over-the-top the enchantress was. I don’t know whether to blame the ridiculous special effects or Cara’s bad acting. Also, why so many lines/scenes wasted on a character whose only interesting feature is that he is a good shot? Overall, the movie wasn’t bad–just forgettable.

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