Hallows Babe

Nineteen years old. This week was similar to birthday weeks of the past. Marked by tears, sadness, emotional breakdowns and lack of motivation but something different happened today. Yes, I cried today too but after a change in perspective I turned that sadness into laughter and things worked out okay.

My friends from high school, and a few from now held a “surprise” party for me. I place surprise in quotations because I hate surprises and had my friend spill the beans prior. They really made today special. The party was Alice in Wonderland themed (favorite book) with a photo booth that featured wonderland inspired props, and signs like “eat me” and “we’re all made here.” My friend Christen made a white cake with strawberry filling from scratch! She and her mom made parmesan chicken ziti, mac and cheese, bread and salad. Every gift I received from my friends was tailored to moments we’ve shared together and were absolutely perfect. Needless to say, it was a way better day than I thought it would be.

At night, my best friend, her husband, and I went on a “color run” that was lacking in color but was an overall great experience. Running is my therapy and it was amazing to see how much I have improved in the last year. PSA: Don’t pay for the color fun fest; attend any other color run if you can. I was a bit discouraged after the race because my new running shoes were ruined from MUD, not color and my straightened hair was not almost curly again. I called my mom and she gave me a new perspective on the situation and then I just laughed about it.

Over the weekend, I got to FaceTime a few of my closest friends and this meant so much to me. I praise God for another year of life and for giving me something to be thankful for each and every day. I can’t wait to see what next Halloween holds for me because; hopefully, I will be in France 🙂


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