Introducing me

New England native, bible belt resident- currently missing the Long Island sound and Foxboro stadium. I’m a paid editorial assistant, social media analyst, and music connoisseur. In the endless rooms of elephants, I am an unapologetic donkey. Society’s fear of feminism will do nothing to stop my daily promotion of gender equality and women’s empowerment. I believe progressive thoughts are the key to effective change. Sugar coating is not among my repertoire of skills, but my confident individualism and determination will hopefully empower you as it continues to empower me.

My mission with this blog is to promote inner peace and emotional freedom in those who choose to read what I have to say. I focus on energy and the impact one’s energy has on the people they interact with as well as themselves. Some of my inner thoughts may seem radical, but I ask that you will take on the challenge of reading anyway. I hope that in challenging myself, I will challenge you; birthing a cycle of thought provoking and belief sharpening that one can’t find anywhere else.

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